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12 june 201026 june 2010

heyAwak, heyTunang! Part II

Here comes the second part of our Engagement Day. En. Tunang Selangor forces me to upload more pics because his face didn't appear in the first part. Tehehe. Kata nak part by part. Kena sabar lebih la kan. Hero kan datang kemudian. Tengah syok upload pics yang ada muka sendiri je. =)

Getting ready3.

Getting ready4.

The Arrival3.

The Arrival4.

The Arrival5.

The discussion1.
"Ikan kekek bersisik-sisik,
hai, kami datang nak merisik."

The discussion2.
"Lah lah lah,
Bertunang sekali lah"

The discussion3.
"Cincin ni emas tulen. Jangan ragu-ragu. Bukan Zhulian"

The disscussion4.
"Wahai, orang kampung. Sah, ini emas tulen. So, on la naaa"

People from his side.

Put the rings on my finger1.
The first stuck ring ;p
Call us "The Gigil Team". His momma's hand were shaking at the moment she put the rings. Mine too. Hahah!

Put the rings on my finger2.
Ready for the second ring.

Put the rings on my finger4.
The excited-HAHAH-aku-dapat-dua-cincin-face.

Put the rings on my finger3.
"Selamat hari raya korban" ;p

The rings.

Mereka-mereka yang bakal berbesan.

5 dulang hantaran from him.
Pudding Kiwi, Chocolate Cake, Tepak Sireh, Buah-buahan dan Sepersalinan Baju Nikah.

15 dulang from me.

Again. Me with the hantaran.

heyAwak, heyTunang1.

heyAwak, heyTunang2.

heyAwak, heyTunang3.

heyAwak: More pictures coming soon. Part 3 in the making.

heyAwak, heyTunang! Part I

November 28, 2009. 1500pm.

Okay, I am officialy engaged! OMG! Teruja.

Alhamdulillah. Everything went smooth, went well yesterday. Yes, it was such a great feeling that cannot be expressed by words.

I was so proud with my dress. Credit to Sis Siti for that lovely dress. Not so satisfied with the make up though. Totally transformed to Kriss Dayanti. Okeh, tipu. I did the make up myself. Myself means not an amateur, apatah lagi professional. I need to educate myself more about make up.

Dear ALLAH, we thank you for that day, one of the most historical and memorable day in our life. Let us make the best of each and everyday for Your bless.


Kak Ngah. Final touch up for hantaran.

Abang Ngah. He was the one who decorate my hantaran. Serba boleh I tell you~~. See see, he was also responsible to do the cooking. many thanks Abang Ngah.

Ya ALLAH! Abang Ngah ni bukan takat pandai buat hantaran dan memasak je, repair kipas rosak pun dia boleh.

7 out of 24 niece&nephew of mine.


The background1.
My simple-but-nice-and-me-love-it mini pelamin background.
Credit to Abang Ngah and Kak Ngah.

The background2.
Abang Ngah (again) bought the flowers and decorate it a day before the big day.

Getting ready1.
Kak Ngah. Bakal-disarung-dua-bentuk-cincin. Kekda.

Getting ready2.
Kak Long. Bakal-tunang-orang. Kak Ngah.

Getting ready-video

Mak terchenta. Where's Abah? He's busy entertaining the guests.

Sirih junjung.

For him with love.

Again, me and the hantaran for him.

Old friends. Nadiah, Ermi, Aminah.

With the jakun team.

The arrival1.
Dato' K His dad leads the rombongan.

The arrival2.
Hi, mama future-mother-in-law. ;p

To be continued... ;p

heyAwak: Yesterday is a history. A new chapter of our life is about to begin. Do pray for us, okay? =)

Time is Essence

Dear Allah, My Dear Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala.

Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude.

heyAwak: Officemates start mocking me about this engagement thing. *Malu*

Because I can't hardly wait

Seven days to go. I'm soooo excited about this engagement thing. I just received a MMS from Kekna. Abg Ngah sent her a picture of sample gubahan hantaran for my engagement day.

OMG! Me looooveeee it!


Errr...I didn't plan to publish this for your view yet actually. But I can't wait! Gatai tangan. ;p

heyAwak: Balik kampung tomorrow to help Abg Ngah and Kak Ngah with the hantaran.

Dress hunt went fail turned out well

Our search for a perfect dress end up to Bandar Tun Razak. After giving up with Jalan TAR, I decided to go to PKNS Shah Alam. But I have to re-schedule after En. Selangor asked me to accompany him to Low Yatt on Sunday.

Tonight will be my final fitting dress session. I received a text message from Sis Siti, telling that my baju tunang is ready. She asked me to come and retry, and if there's no other changes I can bring it home tonight. The first fitting session was last Monday. She has to do some alteration on that dress to fit me. Mentioned earlier, black and maroon-orange is the theme for my engagement hantran for him. So I chose to wear broken white/cream color for my Engagement Day. Found that cheap perfect dress on the net, worth it! I can say, berbaloi-baloiii~~

Hopefully tonight it fits me than it did before.

So, I'm done with engagement dress and I don't have to worry about the hantaran because Abg Ngah and Kak Ngah will handle that for me. Of course, I trust them. Tell you, Abang Ngah was the one who made the pelamin and gubahan for hantaran during my sis's wedding, Kekna. So, serahkan pada yang pakar!

The only thing I'm worry about is what's my make up going to look like on that day. I'm searching for anyone who can do make up and also mini pelamin for my Engagement Day. Ccceeeewwaahhh!!! Kidding. If Mak read this, I'm sure she will knocks off my head because everyday if I called her talking about this engagement thing, I said I want a simple ceremony. I takdak duit okeh. Plis plis plis siapa mahu sponsor?

This one is confirm. I will do the make up myself. No branded products, no perfect make over, no mineral foundation. Let's see how that cikai product of mine going to give me a princess look on that very beautiful day ;p. But I do want a Loose Powder for the finishing touch after the liquid foundation to give a soft and natural look. I planned to go for a grooming make up session at Elianto Booth in Summit USJ. The thing is, I don't know either they provide that service or not. Or else, I will go meet Eyta, or maybe Lala, to get some make up tips. Worst-case scenario, I will just do the caca marba make up style myself. And I will blame the camera setting, or lighting, or the photographer if my make up don't look good. HAHAHAH!

Err...I still want a mini pelamin. Boleh tak, mak?

heyAwak: 5 dulang hantaran from him and 7 from me. But I already prepared 11 dulang because according to Mak, the jiran tetangga will also bring some gifts/buah tangan to be included in my hantaran for him.

R for ringS

En. Selangor brought me to Sunway Pyramid last two weeks to buy rings for our Engagement Day. He did surveyed the prices through the net first before deciding which jewellery store we should go. I am not really into wearing ring actually. How I wish I could change the Malay tradition about that so-called merisik and bertunang. Instead of ring, why not we ask for Nokia N97, maybe? Come on la you guys, agree with that? Tehehe.

It was complicated! I blame En. Selangor for his budak-sekolah look for this! Okay, I admit it he looks much much younger than me and I won't get angry if the dealer of that jewellery store once ask me,

"Beli cincin untuk adik ke, kak?"

As a precaution from that such a shame moment, I told the dealer that we're looking for rings for OUR engagement before she started to ask anything. *Relieved*

The other complicated thing was during the selection proses. (HAHAHAH! Sounds like it was a ring hunter competition, which the best people who select the most beautiful but cheap ring will be the winner). Due to my i-will-follow-you concept, I let him decide which rings he wants his mother put on my fingers for that day. One for merisik and the other one is for engagement.

And of course I like it. Both.

I wonder why the last two weeks I still can fit those rings, but not anymore today. Cis cis! In two weeks time (starting today) I will do anything I can to make sure his mum won't show me a shock and weird look if she has to work harder to make those rings fit me. *Sigh*

O-o, have to wait till the Engagement Day to reveal the look of that rings. Enuff to say that we got those rings from Tomei, Sunway Pyramid.

heyAwak: I got THREE rings actually ;p

Talking about the theme

I am a kind of just-follow-you or it-is-up-to-you person which I couldn't decide any decision for myself. Okay, I know this kinda weird. But blame my childhood for this. I still remember when I chose one of my baju raya (when I was 9 if I am not mistaken), and when reached home, everybody started talking about the choice I made. Sounds like,

"Eeeiii...tak cantik langsung"

"Laaa...punya banyak-banyak baju cantik, ni jugak yang dipilih"

"Tak glemer langsung."

And I still remember how long I cried and cried alone in the room because of that.

"From now on, I will ask people to make a choice for me!",

I said to myself.

Hmmm...last week after sending Abg Nizam and familiy to KLIA, me and my family went to Nilai 3 to buy all the things for hantaran on my Engagement Day. Haven't decide the date yet, but Insyaallah will be on second day of Raya Haji.

Oh, the very first five minutes, I already surrender and started to ask the siblings to decide for me about the theme, colour and the decoration for Engagement Day.

Many thanks to Abang Ngah, Kak Ngah and Kekna for helping me with all the stuffs. Abang Ngah was the one who hardly struggle to choose everything, from the theme colour till the kain lapik for my hantaran. I felt sorry for the burden I put on them, but what else I could do. :p

So, I could conclude that the theme color will be black and maroon-orange for my hantaran. And since mak already warn me not to wear the baju that I am going to wear for Nazli's wedding (I am bridesmaid-to-be), I have to buy a new one for my Engagement.

Went to jalan TAR yesterday with En. Selangor. Unfortunately I am, I couldn't find any. Soooo many beautiful dresses there, but En. Selangor and me nearly gave up looking at the price displayed. Luckily, we found a pair of kain pasang to be included in the hantaran (guess to be used for the Wedding Day). We love the colour at the first time looking at it.

Before heading home, I grabbed a praying mat for him. Mak said,

"Cari hat elok-elok sikit sejadah nak bagi kat orang."

So I let En. Selangor chose the colour and design he wants. I did mention to him earlier,

"Around thirty is okay for me,"

and end up I have to pay thirty-plus-thirty for that. HAHAHAHAH! Naseb baek tau I sayang you~~~

Coming next is our jakun experience on the day he bought rings for me.

heyAwak: Today I am going to PKNS Shah Alam, looking for the dress for my Engagement Day. Mak called very early in this morning, asking either I had found one or not. So, wajiblah kena bayar dan bawa balik hari ni.

This is it!

Yes! This is the place I wanna share the beautiful moments and experience I go through to end-up my "Miss" title in order to get that "Puan".

Nothing much to say for this first entry. All I know is, I want to make sure everything gonna be perfect for the very beautiful day of my life.

I love dia.

heyAwak: Please. Now I started to feel worry about all this perfect thing.Thank GOD, I have siblings to help me through this.