Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

Dress hunt went fail turned out well

Our search for a perfect dress end up to Bandar Tun Razak. After giving up with Jalan TAR, I decided to go to PKNS Shah Alam. But I have to re-schedule after En. Selangor asked me to accompany him to Low Yatt on Sunday.

Tonight will be my final fitting dress session. I received a text message from Sis Siti, telling that my baju tunang is ready. She asked me to come and retry, and if there's no other changes I can bring it home tonight. The first fitting session was last Monday. She has to do some alteration on that dress to fit me. Mentioned earlier, black and maroon-orange is the theme for my engagement hantran for him. So I chose to wear broken white/cream color for my Engagement Day. Found that cheap perfect dress on the net, worth it! I can say, berbaloi-baloiii~~

Hopefully tonight it fits me than it did before.

So, I'm done with engagement dress and I don't have to worry about the hantaran because Abg Ngah and Kak Ngah will handle that for me. Of course, I trust them. Tell you, Abang Ngah was the one who made the pelamin and gubahan for hantaran during my sis's wedding, Kekna. So, serahkan pada yang pakar!

The only thing I'm worry about is what's my make up going to look like on that day. I'm searching for anyone who can do make up and also mini pelamin for my Engagement Day. Ccceeeewwaahhh!!! Kidding. If Mak read this, I'm sure she will knocks off my head because everyday if I called her talking about this engagement thing, I said I want a simple ceremony. I takdak duit okeh. Plis plis plis siapa mahu sponsor?

This one is confirm. I will do the make up myself. No branded products, no perfect make over, no mineral foundation. Let's see how that cikai product of mine going to give me a princess look on that very beautiful day ;p. But I do want a Loose Powder for the finishing touch after the liquid foundation to give a soft and natural look. I planned to go for a grooming make up session at Elianto Booth in Summit USJ. The thing is, I don't know either they provide that service or not. Or else, I will go meet Eyta, or maybe Lala, to get some make up tips. Worst-case scenario, I will just do the caca marba make up style myself. And I will blame the camera setting, or lighting, or the photographer if my make up don't look good. HAHAHAH!

Err...I still want a mini pelamin. Boleh tak, mak?

heyAwak: 5 dulang hantaran from him and 7 from me. But I already prepared 11 dulang because according to Mak, the jiran tetangga will also bring some gifts/buah tangan to be included in my hantaran for him.