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12 june 201026 june 2010

heyAwak, heyTunang! Part I

November 28, 2009. 1500pm.

Okay, I am officialy engaged! OMG! Teruja.

Alhamdulillah. Everything went smooth, went well yesterday. Yes, it was such a great feeling that cannot be expressed by words.

I was so proud with my dress. Credit to Sis Siti for that lovely dress. Not so satisfied with the make up though. Totally transformed to Kriss Dayanti. Okeh, tipu. I did the make up myself. Myself means not an amateur, apatah lagi professional. I need to educate myself more about make up.

Dear ALLAH, we thank you for that day, one of the most historical and memorable day in our life. Let us make the best of each and everyday for Your bless.


Kak Ngah. Final touch up for hantaran.

Abang Ngah. He was the one who decorate my hantaran. Serba boleh I tell you~~. See see, he was also responsible to do the cooking. many thanks Abang Ngah.

Ya ALLAH! Abang Ngah ni bukan takat pandai buat hantaran dan memasak je, repair kipas rosak pun dia boleh.

7 out of 24 niece&nephew of mine.


The background1.
My simple-but-nice-and-me-love-it mini pelamin background.
Credit to Abang Ngah and Kak Ngah.

The background2.
Abang Ngah (again) bought the flowers and decorate it a day before the big day.

Getting ready1.
Kak Ngah. Bakal-disarung-dua-bentuk-cincin. Kekda.

Getting ready2.
Kak Long. Bakal-tunang-orang. Kak Ngah.

Getting ready-video

Mak terchenta. Where's Abah? He's busy entertaining the guests.

Sirih junjung.

For him with love.

Again, me and the hantaran for him.

Old friends. Nadiah, Ermi, Aminah.

With the jakun team.

The arrival1.
Dato' K His dad leads the rombongan.

The arrival2.
Hi, mama future-mother-in-law. ;p

To be continued... ;p

heyAwak: Yesterday is a history. A new chapter of our life is about to begin. Do pray for us, okay? =)