Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

R for ringS

En. Selangor brought me to Sunway Pyramid last two weeks to buy rings for our Engagement Day. He did surveyed the prices through the net first before deciding which jewellery store we should go. I am not really into wearing ring actually. How I wish I could change the Malay tradition about that so-called merisik and bertunang. Instead of ring, why not we ask for Nokia N97, maybe? Come on la you guys, agree with that? Tehehe.

It was complicated! I blame En. Selangor for his budak-sekolah look for this! Okay, I admit it he looks much much younger than me and I won't get angry if the dealer of that jewellery store once ask me,

"Beli cincin untuk adik ke, kak?"

As a precaution from that such a shame moment, I told the dealer that we're looking for rings for OUR engagement before she started to ask anything. *Relieved*

The other complicated thing was during the selection proses. (HAHAHAH! Sounds like it was a ring hunter competition, which the best people who select the most beautiful but cheap ring will be the winner). Due to my i-will-follow-you concept, I let him decide which rings he wants his mother put on my fingers for that day. One for merisik and the other one is for engagement.

And of course I like it. Both.

I wonder why the last two weeks I still can fit those rings, but not anymore today. Cis cis! In two weeks time (starting today) I will do anything I can to make sure his mum won't show me a shock and weird look if she has to work harder to make those rings fit me. *Sigh*

O-o, have to wait till the Engagement Day to reveal the look of that rings. Enuff to say that we got those rings from Tomei, Sunway Pyramid.

heyAwak: I got THREE rings actually ;p