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12 june 201026 june 2010

Talking about the theme

I am a kind of just-follow-you or it-is-up-to-you person which I couldn't decide any decision for myself. Okay, I know this kinda weird. But blame my childhood for this. I still remember when I chose one of my baju raya (when I was 9 if I am not mistaken), and when reached home, everybody started talking about the choice I made. Sounds like,

"Eeeiii...tak cantik langsung"

"Laaa...punya banyak-banyak baju cantik, ni jugak yang dipilih"

"Tak glemer langsung."

And I still remember how long I cried and cried alone in the room because of that.

"From now on, I will ask people to make a choice for me!",

I said to myself.

Hmmm...last week after sending Abg Nizam and familiy to KLIA, me and my family went to Nilai 3 to buy all the things for hantaran on my Engagement Day. Haven't decide the date yet, but Insyaallah will be on second day of Raya Haji.

Oh, the very first five minutes, I already surrender and started to ask the siblings to decide for me about the theme, colour and the decoration for Engagement Day.

Many thanks to Abang Ngah, Kak Ngah and Kekna for helping me with all the stuffs. Abang Ngah was the one who hardly struggle to choose everything, from the theme colour till the kain lapik for my hantaran. I felt sorry for the burden I put on them, but what else I could do. :p

So, I could conclude that the theme color will be black and maroon-orange for my hantaran. And since mak already warn me not to wear the baju that I am going to wear for Nazli's wedding (I am bridesmaid-to-be), I have to buy a new one for my Engagement.

Went to jalan TAR yesterday with En. Selangor. Unfortunately I am, I couldn't find any. Soooo many beautiful dresses there, but En. Selangor and me nearly gave up looking at the price displayed. Luckily, we found a pair of kain pasang to be included in the hantaran (guess to be used for the Wedding Day). We love the colour at the first time looking at it.

Before heading home, I grabbed a praying mat for him. Mak said,

"Cari hat elok-elok sikit sejadah nak bagi kat orang."

So I let En. Selangor chose the colour and design he wants. I did mention to him earlier,

"Around thirty is okay for me,"

and end up I have to pay thirty-plus-thirty for that. HAHAHAHAH! Naseb baek tau I sayang you~~~

Coming next is our jakun experience on the day he bought rings for me.

heyAwak: Today I am going to PKNS Shah Alam, looking for the dress for my Engagement Day. Mak called very early in this morning, asking either I had found one or not. So, wajiblah kena bayar dan bawa balik hari ni.