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12 june 201026 june 2010

Time is Essence - 1 precious month

Today is 28th December, 2009. And yes, people. It has been 1 month since I got the two rings which his Momma hardly put on my finger because I don't know how on earth those rings didn't fit me on that day. Haihh... But, yeah, it's exciting!

Flashback time!

Sarung cincin.

En. Selangor and me.

Since Abah hospitalized last week, I got an opportunity to spend more precious time at home-sweet-home, having exciting talk with the siblings. Mak told me that Kak Ngah and Abang Ngah (again) volunteer to help me in decorating dulang hantaran and also pelamin for my wedding ceremony. I couldn't find words to thank the siblings (especially Kak Ngah and Abang Ngah, of course) for showing me their love and care so that I can eliminate all the worries and doubts thinking about my wedding preparation.

I did show them some design of dulang hantaran and pelamin from Majalah Pengantin which I love the most. Since the wedding dress on my side will be lite peach color, we discussed about what kind of combination colors can be used.

Isk isk, Abang Ngah ni macam tau-tau ja I tengah dok pikiaq pasal pelamin. I just received a phone call from Nadirah, asking my e-mail address because Abang Ngah want to send me his first draft for the pelamin. So, here it is. Many thanks, Abang Ngah.

Ignore the colors used. Haven't finalized the color combination yet. But so far, this is the concept.

heyAwak: My niece, Nur Amnani Suffiya, started asking me about her flower-girl-dress. So cute of her when I saw a worried face of her thinking about it. Siapa cakap bakal pengantin je risau? Heheh