Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

Weddings are so emotionally charged

I have to start focusing on wedding preparation. En Selangor and me had quite a tough so-called discussion with his Momma about the planning for our big day which Insya-Allah will be on June 2010.

After performing Zuhur prayer, his Momma came down and bring some magazines with her. I look at En Selangor and smile when I saw what kind of magazine she gave me. Pengantin. Anjung Seri. O-o, so I knew she wanted us to take a look and make a decision about the color, design and theme for our big day.

We haven't decide the color yet. But we do love the combination of red and black for our pelamin. We showed several snaps of pelamin with that colors combination. Hmm..seem like his Momma doesn't agree with that. But she's willing to do the same design for us, with different color.

Talking about the dress, I want to look like her in my wedding day. Obviously it's not suitable for us to wear that kind of suit for the ceremony on my side. Guess it will be okay for his side. So En Selangor asked his Momma,

"Ma, pakai gown nanti boleh tak?"

" Jangan nak ngade. Nak gown-gown pegi tangkap gamba kat kedai."


Babai angan-angan.

heyAwak:As for now, 7 dulang from him and I have to prepare 9 dulang in return. I think I am screwed...