Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

Ya Allah, Forgive me

Honestly, I am sick thinking about this wedding thing. As people said, marriage happens once in a life time and those who get marriage are the luckiest and happiest people on this earth. The thing is, what am I suppose to do to make sure I can be the luckiest and happiest person without having to worry every single thing about the days before the big day?

The preparation I mean.

I had a chat with En. Selangor just now. I let him know how worried I am about this thing.

He replied,
"So, nak cancel?"

I asked him back,

And I got "Ngok!" in return.

Hope everything gonna be okay. Do pray for us, please.

heyAwak: Dear Allah, please give us strength and guidance. Amin.