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KL Heritage Hunt 2010


Date: Dec 18th, 2010

Time: 0900am – 1300pm

Venue: In The Heart of Kuala Lumpur

Mode of Transportation: LRT, Monorail

Organizer: Ministry of Tourism Malaysia F.T Kuala Lumpur

It was a last minute plan and after discussing about joining this treasure hunt with En Selangor, I called the organizer to confirmed our participant. This is the right time for us to take a glance towards heritage walks in Kuala Lumpur.

We arrived at Saloma Bistro very early in the morning for registration. We got a red KL Heritage Hunt T-Shirt, bandana and a sling bag each. After the briefing session, we took pictures together and went to our start point to start the hunt.


In the first task, one of us have to lastik a can from a 10 meter distance. We’re the TOP 2 for that task. I guess that was En Selangor’s first time holding a lastik. Seriously I didn’t know he was very good in melastik! Clapclap!


Our next clue need us to go to Little India, Brickfields. So we ran to the nearest LRT station, which is about half a kilometer from out start point. While waiting for the LRT, we could see other 3 couples arrived at the station.


In the LRT, on the way to Brickfields.

As we arrived at Brickfields, I could saw several couples already there, and I wonder how they managed to get there earlier than us and another 3 couples that led the hunt in the LRT. Hmm.. I guess they took the taxi to get there, and it’s totally wrong, because we only allowed to use LRT and monorail in completing this hunt. Hmm…

We’re given two options to complete our second task:

Option 1: Find a saree store in Little India. One of you need to wear a saree and get yourself photographed by the store manager.

Option 2: Find a ‘steel bird’ around the Little India.

We chose to do the first option, so we ran quickly to find the exact store. yeah, we manage to find the store in no time, but there’s misunderstood there and we have to run back to the check point to get a clear explanation about that. We got no other option, so we have to do the second option to complete the task in Brickfields. Blame the organizer because we wasted around 10 minutes for the first option for nothing!

The term of ‘steel bird’ also make all the participants confused. We found a pet shop at the end of the road, but we didn’t think that ‘steel bird’ was referring to that shop as there’s no such a ‘steel bird’ sold there. So we started to creatively think what was the ‘steel bird’ means. After 15minutes searching for clue of the ‘steel bird’ together with other participants, En Selangor accidently saw a small billboard of an Air Asia travel agent. Aeoroplane = Steel bird. That is very true, rite? So we took the details of that travel agent and ran back to the check point to confirmed the answer. Unfortunately, we were wrong!

We’re too tired to go back to the road to find the answer, so we waited for the other couple to present, we tried hard to see the pictures they took using their phone from behind. Guess what, we got the answer! Hahah! Ini memang tak aci. But, like we care? We’re unsatisfied with the correct answer actually as the ‘steel bird’ was referring to the pet shop we found at the end of the road. Steel bird and pet shop. Apa kaitan? Huh! Again, we blame the organizer for this bad situation. haih~

Next, we need to run to KL Sentral and our task sounds:

Find a pillar that wrapped with oldest advertisement on the NST newspaper. Find your answer and quickly go to the place that you wont say NO to confirm your answer.

The clue was very easy to understand. Find the answer and we need to run to the YES booth somewhere in the KL Sentral. To find the pillar wrapped with the old newspaper was not hard at all actually. But to find the answer nearly bring a big fight between me and En Selangor. Okay, this time I blame En Selangor for being so selfish not to hear my opinion first in finding the correct answer.

I said, we need to find and name the advertisement. But En Selangor strongly believed that the answer is about the contents of the news printed on the newspaper. So we ran to YES booth to confirmed our answer and guess what? That was not the correct answer for that task. As we ran back to the pillar, again I asked En Selangor to read again the clue and understand what they want actually. Again, he didn’t trust me. This time, he said we need to take note what year was that newspaper published. I was like, “Whatever!” and we ran back to the YES booth. Again, we’re wrong. Only after the second time been rejected with his answer, En Selangor agreed with my earlier words about the clue. And Alhamdulillah, after manage to list the advertisement advertise on the newspaper, we manage to move to our next task at the new place.

These are the three advertisement placed at the corner of the newspaper:


Ovaltine Cold




Magnolia Milk

I guess we took around 40minutes to complete the task at KL Sentral. What a waste…

Our next clue brought us to Petaling Street and we’re given two option to complete the task there.


Muka tak puas hati sebab dah buang banyak masa di KL Sentral.

First option: Find a ‘Fruit Hotel’ nearby with the lowest room rates and come back to the checkpoint to confirm your answer.

Second option: Find a lot number for kedai makan bla bla bla.. (Sorry, I forgot the name of the restaurant)

We ran along the Petaling Street to find the answer without deciding which task we wanted to do. We look around to find the restaurant or the so-called ‘Fruit Hotel’. Alhamdulillah, 5 minutes later we found the restaurant so we joted down the lot number and ran back to the check point. It was correct and we got our next clue =)

The next task was we need to ran to Central Market for batik painting.That was the easiest task for me as we could find the exact batik shop easily and we took about 10minutes to completed the batik painting. (More like colouring to be exact).




Next, we’re given three photo puzzle to be solved regarding three historical building, Masjid Jamek, Cathedral of St Marry and Textile Museum. After completing the puzzles, we ran quickly to the check point at Masjid Jamek to get our next clue. This time, we need to take the Putra LRT to Kg Baru and we have to eat a bowl of bubur Lambuk served at Masjid Kg Baru. It took almost 30 minutes walk from the monorail station to the mosque. Can you imagine that?!! Phew~


At Masjed Jamek station, ready to go to our next check point. Spotted, another couple behind.

On our way to Masjid Kg Baru, we met another two couples also heading there. Stressed. Exhausted. Fell threatened. Hahah! We arrived there and saw another two couples already there and they’re about to complete their task there. So, that is how we had our lunch on that very day. Bubur lambuk. Tehehe.

We ran back to monorail station after getting our next clue, which we need to go to KLCC and that was our last check point before heading back to where we started. We took the LRT to KLCC and straightly headed to Petronas Gallery to do our last task. We’re given a name list of painting in the gallery and we need to find out some details about that paintings. Finished with that task, we headed down from level three and on our way back, we met a couple who also wanted to back to the last check point, which is Saloma Bistro. So we took a cab (Okay, this time ktorang pulak naek cab ;p) with them.


Our tired+exhausted face in the cab on our way to the pit stop.

We expect we’re qualified for Top 10 out of 20 couples. Unfortunately, we finished with 11th place.Not bad la kan for us yang first timer ni? ;p


CIMG3992 CIMG3994

Sampai-sampai je, haruslah cari air dan terus duduk berehat kan? Hehehe


Posing dengan batik hasil cantingan contengan kami ;p


We made new friends =)

Before heading home, sempat lagi posing-posing and shopping-shopping =)




We really enjoyed this hunt. It was priceless since that was our first time joining treasure hunting. Hope after this, we can actively involve in this kind of activities =)

heyAwak: Who knows one day we got the opportunity to participate in Amazing Race Asia pulok kan? Ceewah~

Honeymoon – Kuala Terengganu

We had our second honeymoon at Kuala Terengganu (KT) last month. Since it is end of year and it is monsoon, we decided not to go to island area. So we just spent our quality time in Kuala Terengganu, took the opportunity to visit all the historical place surroundings.

We book tickets two months earlier. From the tickets, it shown that our flight will be departed from LCCt at 0700am on the 12th November, 2010. We spent our Thursday night at my sis, Kekna’s house in Sepang, so that it will be much easier for us to reach LCCT on that morning. The funny part is, we missed the flight. Okay, it’s not funny. It’s should be irony ;p. En Selangor, you can put the blame on me ;p

Okay, enuff with the missed flight story. =)

At the first place, we planned to go to somewhere else worth it. Singapore was our first choice. But after thinking of several pros and cons, we’ve decided not to waste the return tickets. So I called Kekna to pick us up at LCCT and send us to Terminal Putrajaya to take a bus to Kuala Terengganu.

We had a longgg journey from Putrajaya to KT. It took us almost nine hours to reach there. Orang kata pejam celik pejam celik, tidoq jaga tidoq jaga pon tak sampai-sampai lagi T__T

As we reached there, Aimi, my bestfriend when I were in UiTM Shah Alam already waited for us at the station, together with her husband. They took us to the hotel first to put our stuff before having dinner together.

Taman Warisan KT was te first place we go after having our dinner. There’s a curve bridge called Jambatan Goyang-goyang by the local. Aimi said the curve shape of the bridge make we feel like goyang-goyang whenever we step on that bridge and look down to the water. At the first place, I laughed when Aimi explained that to me. But yeah, it’s true, man! Memang rasa bergoyang-goyang! Heheh


I don’t have a pictures of that so-called Jambatan Goyang-goyang in my collection. So I Googled, and here’s the bridge. Source here.


Us @Pulau Warisan, KT.


Me and Aimi Suzila. She’s our tourist guide, she got a perfect info for each place in KT.


Paid RM5 each and we got 15minutes experience cruise ride along Sungai Terengganu.

So that was our first and only activity on our first day there. Aimi and husband sent us back to our hotel. It was a tiring journey we had from KL to KT. So we had a deep sleep that night and woke up fresh in the net morning. Around 0830am, Aimi came to pick us up and continue our journey to visit all the historical place around KT. We headed to our first stop of the day to have our breakfast.


Me and Aimi at a Nasi Dagang stall. This stall brought a controversy last 5 years when they sold nasi dagang+kepala ikan tongkol cost RM45! Remember? Luckily we didn’t order for kepala ikan tongkol on that day. Phew~


Right in the middle of KT, stand a replica of Batu Bersurat, dated 702 Hijri calendar. It’s a proof that Islam had reached Malaya even 700 years before this.


Me and Aimi @Bulatan Batu Bersurat.

We continued our journey to Bukit Puteri, which is located near to Pasar Payang. It was built to defend the lands from enemy attack. Also, it was said to has originated as a place of residence for Puteri Bunian. At the height of 200m above the ground, this hill gives a good view of the Kuala Terengganu town.


Me and En Selangor at the bottom of Bukit Puteri.



The entrance to the top hill to get a nice view of KT.



What a nice view from the top of the hill.

Then we headed to a must-visit place in KT. Guess what? Heheh. Pasar Payang it is. Haruslah singgah sini kan sebab nak beli souvenirs untuk famili. It’s a favorite destination of tourist as this combination of a wet market and shopping arcade sells interesting local handicrafts like batik, songket, keropok lekor and many more.


En Selangor poses with a cute pant sold there.


I was like *speechless* looking at the batiks’ price displayed T___T

Awat mahai sangat tak tau?



Mampu gayakan macam ni je la kot ;p



View at the wet market. Baaanyak sangat barang jualan sampai makcik-makcik yang jual ni kena duduk atas meja barang.


Bukti kami membeli belah di pasar Payang ;p

After spending not-much money at Pasar Payang, Aimi brought us to Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI). It is the first Islamic edutainment theme park in the world, I guess. Correct me if I’m wrong. TTI has 21 replicas of famous mosques and Islamic monuments. Among them are Taj Mahal of India, Masjidil haram of Makkah Al Mukarramah, Samara Grand Mosque of Iraq and Suleyman Mosque of Turkey. This visit was a great experience not to forget. All mosques and monuments are the scaled down of the original. Very detail, i tell you~~.



At D’Benteng cafe, in TTI area.








This is our precious Masjidil Harram. The largest mosque in the world.


Spotted. It surrounds the Kaaba, The House of Allah.








This is the Crystal Mosque of Terengganu. The icon of TTI and Kuala Terengganu itself. It is considered unique as it is the first and only mosque built from steel and glass.

We ended our journey at TTI around 3pm and headed Restoran Kuah Singgang for lunch. Yummeh! Then Aimi brought us to talk a walk at pantai Teluk Ketapang. We took the opportunity to taste the popular menu there, sotong celup tepung. But for me, it is just the common sotong goreng tepung like we usually order in any Kelantanese restaurant everywhere =)


Me and Aimi, posing in front of the Singgang’s place =)


Me and En Selangor at Pantai Teluk Ketapang.


BFF in action! i miss you, Aimi! =)

We spent our last night at friend’s house, very close to the airport. Thank you Encik Lokman, Puan Laily and Kak Chik for treating us very well. We felt like home there =)



Time to leave. It was 0800 in the morning. Thank you Puan Laily for sending us to the airport.

Great experience we had in KT. Next entry I will share with you guys how we had a one-day-trip to Fraser Hills for our 6th months anniversary. =)

heyAwak: It was such a great 5 months anniversary experience we had there.