Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

Hantaran Hunting

Yesterday we went on our shopping for hantaran. That was the second shop we did for hantaran which the first one was last Wednesday at Sogo. One of the hunting mission was perfume and fragrances. I always wait for Christmas sale for this purpose. Since both of us not really addicted into perfume and fragrance (kalau ade, pakai. Tak ada, tak payah) so our target was the place that we can find the Nature's Way to Beautiful.

This is cheaper compared to others, aite? Yeah, limited budget will be our trademark in shopping stuff for wedding.

It's not very hard for us to find perfumes that match our odour. Plus, we were lucky to meet such a great and kind and supportive promoter who's willing to guide us in finding the fragrances set.

Hitam-putih. Back to 60's.

Comes with fabulous set and also gorgeous packing. I like!

Question. Why Men's stuff more expensive compared to Women's? Mine got 3 big-bottles, his also 3-bottles, but in smaller size. BUT, the price is equal.

Actually, we planned to include my make-up set in together with the perfume. But the price is quite expensive where I only get 4 things (Compact Powder, Eye Shadow, Lip Gloss and Eye Liner) for RM250. For me, not worth it lah. Don't want to burn a hole in his pocket. So, we decided to take only the perfume sets, for both of us.

Hmm...hopefully we can cut our budget (dah la limited, lagi nak cut. Hahah!) for others stuff so that I can still get my make-up set for my hantaran. ;p

Handbag and heels, also checked. We did the shop at Sogo and end up we took BUM Equipments for my handbag and Sentini for the heels.


Black Heels.

Somehow, yesterday he bought another pair of heels for me from Valentino Rudy since he said that was better than the Sentini. Tell you, he was the one who did the survey and made decision for my heels since he rejected every design I chose. Yes, he is too picky. Errr, sape yang nak pakai sebenarnye ni??? Confius.

So, lucky me to have two pairs of heels for my hantaran.
Hehehe. No lah. He said, I can use the first one for daily use.
Okeh, tak sabar nak pakai kasut baru Isnin ni ;p

We also looked for his shoes for hantaran. He found the best shoes for him from Bonia. Unfortunately, there was no best fit size left. Sayang~~. Haihh...

Looking forward to the next sale. Till then. =)

heyAwak: Watched Serina Redzuan's Akad Nikah on Wanita Hari Ini yesterday. I texted Kak Ngah that I like the mini pelamin for her Engagement Ceremony. (Hint for Kak Ngah and Abang Ngah. Heheh). Yes, I know it is simple. But I just love the white colour.