Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

Meet the Tailor

Done with baju sanding for my side. InsyaAllah, we can collect the dress on next mid-February. O-o, that means I have to maintain my body shape till June so that I don't have to find a last-minute tailor to do some alteration. Okeh, welcome to "Makan dengan Berhemah dan Beringat Mode", Lun!

Nothing much to say, I'm not in the mood for blog. So enjoy the piccas, please.

Notakepala: Main Actor goes to Uncle Maideen, the owner of KL Fancy Bridal Fabrics. You can find his face on each snap in this post.

Simple draft for my dress.

Eh, eh. Baru ukur, dah siap.

Inilah hasilnya nanti, I guess.

For bersanding event on my side, we booked a complete set from Uncle Maideen. So,after June 2010, boley la kalau nak sewa (if you wish to laa). Tehehe.

heyAwak: Also done with baju bersanding on his side actually. Will share the story in my next entry. See, ya!