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12 june 201026 june 2010

HIV Test

Alhamdulillah we both are free from HIV *buat muka bangga*

The result. Him. Mine tak sempat nak snap and tertinggal di rumah.

Yes, rognales is him.

Boleh follow jika mahu ;p

There's a story I wanna tell actually. I started to worry after receiving an e-mail from my brother in-law about the mean way people spread the HIV Virus to the innocent people. Lemme share with you guys the info first. Here goes:

  1. Make sure you wear slippers or shoes when taking a walk at the beach because there are drug addicts who do activities at the beach and they hide the needle and syringe in the sand and it will then exposed as a result of waves.
  2. Playground area is not safe anymore. There's case in Australia where an innocent child accidentally infected by the needle while playing with the what-we-call-papangelongsor-in-English? heheh
  3. In cinemas. There's a case when a woman sitting on the cinema's seat without checking first and she felt an object, found out there's a syringe and "Welcome to the real world. You're now HIV Positive" note. Happened in Hawaii, so be careful.
  4. At the Burger King Restaurant. The HIV patients, who also the Burger King's employees mix their blood with mayonnaise.

As I read the first one, I flashed something. Cewahh, ingat cerita Chuck ke ape nak maen flash flash. Tehehe. Last two years, the time when I was a hot-plus-gorgeous lecturer at a private college in Sepang, the college sent me and other lecturers for a course in Port Dickson.

On the last day, me and some other colleagues had fun at the beach. While others practicing their swimming skill, I took the opportunity to take a walk and rest at the beach. As I sat on the beach, I accidentally terpegang a sharp object and I was like,


...because it hurt me a bit. I saw a syringe, and as a naive girl at that time I just like,

"Haiihh, mcmana la boleh ada kt sini?"

...and I ignored.

So when I read the e-mail, the fear and worry took place. I didn't know what to do and I didn't know to whom I could talk to. The fear made me couldn't sleep at nite so I decided to get some info on HIV virus from the net. I look for the symptoms and how long it will react to activate the virus in human body.

Couldn't keep it to myself alone, at last, I decided to tell him about the last two years incident. He kept calm and tried to comfort me.
"Insyaallah takde ape-ape. Bukannya awak tercucuk pon, kan? Terpegang je. Takde ape-ape lah. Jgn risau eh."

Then I started mumbling and asked him,

"If I am confirmed HIV Positive, will you remain with your decision to marry me?"

Heheh. Don't wanna post his answer here. But yes, he loves me, and will always do. Errr, am I rite, Mista rognales? ;p

So we went to Poliklinik Komuniti Kelana Jaya yesterday. Actually he already took the test a week earlier than me. And at that time, I wasn't ready to took the test because I was scared to know the result. Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me strength to take the test yesterday.

And now I can proudly announce that I am FREE from HIV! *big smile*.

Maybe it wasn't a syringe used by the drug addict. Who knows, aite? Moral, jangan bikin kalut dan ribut. LOL

heyAwak: En. Selangor is having a fever.Need to postpone the meeting with our wedding photographer. Will update later. Muahh!