Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

Updates on Wedding Photographer and Outfit

We met our wedding photographer last Thursday to discuss more details about the packages he covered for our big day. Actually, I did the survey for photographer part at the first place but end up En Selangor never satisfied with my choice. Hmm..I xdak taste kot?

So here goes the details.

See see. That is the name of bakal pengantin lelaki =)
And yes, it is official! The ceremonies will be on 12th June on my side (Sungkai, Perak) and 26th June (Ampang, Selangor) on his. So dearest readers, please reserve the dates for us okeh?

Term of Agreement.

We got these for RM1565 only.

Satisfied enough. So he signed the agreement between us and Pixel Exposure.

Let's move to the next part, wedding outfit. We had found the perfect outfit for both majlis bersanding on my side and bertandang on his side. Just to reveal the color, so here's some snap of the outfit.

For ceremony in Sungkai, we will be wearing purple and cream. Kak Ngah said, it is ungu rumia. We got this from Rumah Kebaya (RK). If you're searching for kebaya for your wedding outfit, you should try RK. It provides many types of stylish and modern kebaya. Rambang mata I tell you~ Semuanya cantik-cantik belaka!

As you can see, mine more to ungu rumia while his more to cream.

Remember I said peach color is for nikah? Tidak lagi sekarang, because we're going to wear it for majlis bertandang in Ampang. We bought the kain and meet the tailor from KL Fancy Bridal at Semua House and we got a complete set of wedding outfit including the veil and shoes. We picked it up last Sunday. I know it is too early, aite? So I guess I have to maintain with my current shape and weight to make sure I can fit the dress on the 26th June =)

It is the combination of lite peach and orange actually.

Fuhh. Finally I manage to get my lazy fingers to finish up this entry.

heyAwak: Abah started to kalut about the borang nikah. So En Selangor, please make yourself available to get the form from Pejabat Agama soon. Or else Abah won't stop calling me everyday asking about it. As for now, I told Abah that you already have the form with you. Tipu sunat ;p