Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010


Sorry, dearest heyAwak. It's been a while since my last update. It's not like I'm too busy at work. It's just I'm working really hard to finish up watching my TV Series and movies collection stored in Lulu. So, here's update about the hantaran for both me and him. Guess we're almost done with those stuff.

7 dulang for me:
  1. Fragrance Set + Towel - Done!
  2. Telekung - Done!
  3. Sejaddah - Done!
  4. Heels + Handbag - Done!
  5. Sirih Junjung
  6. Fruit
  7. Dessert

9 dulang for him:
  1. Fragrance Set - Done!
  2. Pair of Shoes - Done!
  3. Wallet and Men Accessories - Done!
  4. Shirt - Done!
  5. Watch - Done!
  6. Fruits
  7. Cake
  8. Chocolate
  9. Is it necessary to include Tepak Sireh together?

Bought those at Sogo on the same day we pick up our wedding outfit last month. And now we're looking for his watch and my towel. He found his favorite watch already, but need to wait for my next gaji kot ;p

Let Abang Ngah and Kak Ngah focus on the pelamin only. So this time I decided to decorate the hantaran for him on my own. Since the outfit for our big day will be Ungu Rumia, Abang Nizam suggested I used the combination of cream and lite purple for hantaran. So, ON! =)

heyAwak: Next balik kampung, have to make sure the borang nikah (his and mine) completed and ready to submit to Pejabat Agama.