Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010


I forgot to mention in the previous entry about the pelamin for ceremony on my side at Sungkai, Perak. So here goes the story.

As discussed earlier with the families, Abg Ngah and Kak Ngah agreed to help me with the pelamin for ceremony on my side in Sungkai, Perak. DIY-pelamin it is. And Abg Ngah already drafted and designed the pelamin earlier. Click here to view Abg Ngah's draft for my pelamin. But when I went home last two weeks, Kak Ngah asked is it okay if we just rent the pelamin from the local butik pengantin. Abg Ngah said it will be much easier if we just rent the pelamin so that they can focus on others stuff on the very big day. So, don't want to burden them, I agreed.

And the next day, Kak Ngah and me went to her friend's house in Trolak Selatan, a so-called famous Mak Andam in that area ;p. And she also has a Butik Pengantin in Slim River town. As we arrived at Maksu's house (Maksu is the Mak Andam), I could saw a blue-white decorated pelamin at the living hall area. And also sets of wedding dresses hang surrounding. It's nice!

So, back to our major reason came to Maksu's place, we discussed about the packages offered. Quite shock to know that her packages will be not more than RM800. In economic term, it is ceiling price I tel you~~. Tehehe. And guess what will we get with that very nice price? A pelamin, a set of wedding dress, make-up for solemnization and reception, pintu gerbang and also decoration for makan beradap! Memang murah, kan kan???

Since we already book a friend of mine for make-up and also have a dress booked, we swap the deal with room deco. So let me re-stated. With the max RM800, it can be less than that, okay =), we get:
  • Pelamin
  • Deco for makan beradap
  • Deco for bilik pengantin
  • Pintu gerbang

Actually I pretty sure it will be less than that 800. Yeah, percayalah ;p

heyAwak: Pre-wedd photoshoot this Saturday at Tasik Perdana.