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12 june 201026 june 2010

How did we know each other?

In less than two weeks, I'll officially become a wife to the one I love. What's the feeling? I couldn't describe it yet as I don't feel anything yet. Seriously?? As for now, I just think to complete some of the pending preparation. Thank GOD, the siblings always be there for me. They help me in many ways. I really appreciate it, The Shari's dearie =)

Okay, lets move to the main topic. How did we know each other? It is a longgggg story to tell. Well, I decided to tell the story from the beginning.

En Selangor and me, we're classmate in UiTM Shah Alam. Yes, I had a crush on him since the first day I met him. It was on 2004. But, wait...I am the perigi, not the timba, aite? Plus (there's a plus here ;p) I was with someone on that time. Don't want to ruin that so-called relationship, I decided to keep it to myself.

As time goes by, there's not much memories between En Selangor and me during our study time. Just a normal memories, between us, as a classmates. We were busy attending the class, class visit, group discussion. Class, class, class. Nothing special.

He is stylo. And I love to hear his formal a.k.a macho voice when he gave a presentation. Whenever he come in front and open up his mouth, I was like *melting*. Hahah! LOL! But hey, I'm serious yaw!

I remembered this one incident during our final year in UiTM. En Selangor and his bestfriend were having their lunch at Dataran Cendekia. As I passed by, En Selangor called my name and asked me something. I can't hear him clearly but in reply I shouted, excitedly, "I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO!!!" And I could saw his blushing face when everybody look at him. Me? I just walked heading to my hostel, act like I did nothing ;p

And I still remember we exchange present on our birthday. Oh, mine is on January 30th and his is February 4th. I gave him a grey snow cap and he gave me a pair of yellow selipar. For years, I just hang the selipar on my room, without wanting to use it. Sayang la konon. But sadly, last two weeks when I went home, I saw one of my family members wearing those selipar T_T.

Okay, what happen to the so-called grey snow cap I gave En selangor on his birthday? He never wear it because its brand is Roxy and he said Roxy is just for girl, only. T_T

We did the exchange present session in the bus, on our way to course family day at Port Dickson.

That is me and half of him, again at Port Dickson. I dunno why our family day has to be at PD, always.

En Selangor and me on our pre-graduation dinner.

Since En Selangor pandang me sebelah mata during our study time, so nothing happened yet. Hmm..when did the 'something happened in my heart' mode between En Selangor and me actually?

Oh, I remember! We got the opportunity to see each other again during our graduation day, which is on November 2007. At the end of ceremony, I bumped into him on my way to return my jubah. And I took the chance to take a picture with him.

No, the flowers were not from him ;p

We only to get to see each other again a year after graduation, in year 2008. I was in Sepang working as an IT lecturer in private college while En Selangor in Subang Jaya as a Programmer. Well, you know he is a geek, rite? ;p

He organized a 'Makan Bersama Pria' event and invited all our coursemates. It was on his birthday actually. And that was the beginning of our story actually. This is where the 'something happen to our heart' is about to turn on actually =)

Actually En Selangor asked me to give him eight weeks to make me fall in love with him.

"i just takut xdpt live up ur expectations je. but apepn i'll try my best to win u thats one yhing i know for sure now"

He did surprise me in many different ways. All out. And turned out, on the sixth week, we officially declared ourselves to be husband and wife. Oppss! Hahah! No la...I went through our chat history, and this is his words about it:

"i nk kt u, u nk kt i. i syg kt u, u syg kt i. scenario yg ptt berlaku pd mggu ke8. tp since dh berlaku. sudikah kau jd ratuku?"

And of course he called me after he wrote that =)

To know the rest of this story, you can read here, dearest readers =) And please don't ask who is Daris Ikhwan ;p

heyAwak: You make everything alrite.

Dress fitting

It is May 26th already! And that means 17days left before the fairy tale comes true when En. Selangor marry me ;p

We went for dress fitting session at Rumah Kebaya (RK) yesterday nite. As we reached there, I saw a lovely purple dress displayed in the hall. And at the first place, I tot that's the outfit that we're going to wear on our big day. Unfortunately, I was wrong. But the most important thing here is, luckily (Kejap malang, kejap bertuah. Fahamkan aje la, eh ;p) when RK shows me the exact dress for us, I prefer ours =)

The dress fit me well. But for En. Selangor's, RK need to do some alteration due to his XS size ;p Can't wait for the 12th June to come. I wanna see how those outfit give us a Raja Sehari look on that very special day for us =)

heyAwak: En. Selangor dearie, do you know how much I love you today? I love you more than yesterday =)

25days to go. And counting...

Finally I manage to update HeyAwak. Been busy at work lately since I was officially transferred to a new project at Putrajaya. But it doesn't matter, because now I'm back! =)

The big day is just around the corner. Should update more often, I guess.

Nothing much I can share here this time. Just a few update on hantaran. I went to Nilai 3 last weekend to shop some stuff for hantaran. As for now, I can say I got everything for hantaran purposes. Let's see how will it looks like on this becoming 12th June ;p

Oh, did I mentioned that my house is still in renovation progress? It is completed 95%, just a few minor things left. So, we can't start with house cleaning and decorating until everything is ready. Let's pray we got time to clean the mess since there's 3 weeks left before the big day.

I already applied 6 days annual leave for both majlis at Sungkai and Ampang, and another 5 days for our pre-honeymoon (Hahah! Pre-honeymoon konon! ;p)

I guess that's all for now. Need to continue working on invitation cards. Insya-Allah, will be posted to you guys this coming Thursday or Friday =)

heyAwak: Good news, I lost 4kg and I'm loving it!

More updates

Hye, there.
Okay, just a quick updates on my wedding preparation. Check this out~

#1. Invitation Card
  • We pick up the cards last Thursday at Shah Alam. Guess this week we'll be busy meeting up friends to deliver the cards. And for those yang jauh2, no worry, we'll post the card to you since you guys already filled up the address form for the cards, aite? If you haven't, send ur address here. Click here to view the card.

#2. Stuff for hantaran
  • As for now, we already bought the major stuff. Click here to view the list.

#3. Pelamin
  • Serahkan pada yang pakar.

#4. Door gift
  • Kak Long helps me with this one. She ordered 1k of souvenirs for the guesses at Jalan Kebun, Klang. It's a slice of cake comes with a cute packaging. And it is RM1 each.

#5. Borang2 nikah
  • Also done. Of course la, kan~ Only 1month, 1week and 1day to go. Counting... =)

#6. Wedding Outfit
  • Okay, this is official. Peach for nikah, purple+cream for bersanding and white+gold for bertandang. But I haven't found the match tudung for each outfit yet. I want to wear the one with awning (kind of tudung Ekin/Ariani) but I'm not sure either it will look fine with the shape of my face. So, I need to find the best and suitable one. Or else, is it okay if I wear shawls like usual?

#7. Photographer.
  • We did the Pre-wedd photo-shoot last two weeks together with beloved friends at Lake Garden, KL. We will be using the service from the same photographer for our wedding day this coming June. Oh, it is next month! This is the blog. (Hey, Mr Taufiq, I'm promoting you. Got discount or not? Hahah!)

#8. Bunga Telur.
  • O-o, I didn't hear any update about this from Kak Ngah. Heheh. I remember she told me earlier she will take care of it. So, let her, Teheheh ;p

#8. Dresses for Flower Girls.
  • Almost forget about this! Any idea where I can find flower girl dress for kids?

That's all for now. Hope I can update more often =)

heyAwak: Apa beza beli barang kemas di kedai-kedai emas biasa berbanding dgn beli kat Poh Kong, Tomei etc?