Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

25days to go. And counting...

Finally I manage to update HeyAwak. Been busy at work lately since I was officially transferred to a new project at Putrajaya. But it doesn't matter, because now I'm back! =)

The big day is just around the corner. Should update more often, I guess.

Nothing much I can share here this time. Just a few update on hantaran. I went to Nilai 3 last weekend to shop some stuff for hantaran. As for now, I can say I got everything for hantaran purposes. Let's see how will it looks like on this becoming 12th June ;p

Oh, did I mentioned that my house is still in renovation progress? It is completed 95%, just a few minor things left. So, we can't start with house cleaning and decorating until everything is ready. Let's pray we got time to clean the mess since there's 3 weeks left before the big day.

I already applied 6 days annual leave for both majlis at Sungkai and Ampang, and another 5 days for our pre-honeymoon (Hahah! Pre-honeymoon konon! ;p)

I guess that's all for now. Need to continue working on invitation cards. Insya-Allah, will be posted to you guys this coming Thursday or Friday =)

heyAwak: Good news, I lost 4kg and I'm loving it!