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12 june 201026 june 2010

More updates

Hye, there.
Okay, just a quick updates on my wedding preparation. Check this out~

#1. Invitation Card
  • We pick up the cards last Thursday at Shah Alam. Guess this week we'll be busy meeting up friends to deliver the cards. And for those yang jauh2, no worry, we'll post the card to you since you guys already filled up the address form for the cards, aite? If you haven't, send ur address here. Click here to view the card.

#2. Stuff for hantaran
  • As for now, we already bought the major stuff. Click here to view the list.

#3. Pelamin
  • Serahkan pada yang pakar.

#4. Door gift
  • Kak Long helps me with this one. She ordered 1k of souvenirs for the guesses at Jalan Kebun, Klang. It's a slice of cake comes with a cute packaging. And it is RM1 each.

#5. Borang2 nikah
  • Also done. Of course la, kan~ Only 1month, 1week and 1day to go. Counting... =)

#6. Wedding Outfit
  • Okay, this is official. Peach for nikah, purple+cream for bersanding and white+gold for bertandang. But I haven't found the match tudung for each outfit yet. I want to wear the one with awning (kind of tudung Ekin/Ariani) but I'm not sure either it will look fine with the shape of my face. So, I need to find the best and suitable one. Or else, is it okay if I wear shawls like usual?

#7. Photographer.
  • We did the Pre-wedd photo-shoot last two weeks together with beloved friends at Lake Garden, KL. We will be using the service from the same photographer for our wedding day this coming June. Oh, it is next month! This is the blog. (Hey, Mr Taufiq, I'm promoting you. Got discount or not? Hahah!)

#8. Bunga Telur.
  • O-o, I didn't hear any update about this from Kak Ngah. Heheh. I remember she told me earlier she will take care of it. So, let her, Teheheh ;p

#8. Dresses for Flower Girls.
  • Almost forget about this! Any idea where I can find flower girl dress for kids?

That's all for now. Hope I can update more often =)

heyAwak: Apa beza beli barang kemas di kedai-kedai emas biasa berbanding dgn beli kat Poh Kong, Tomei etc?