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12 june 201026 june 2010

heyAwak, heySayang - Final preparation for the big day

A day before the June 12th, was a kalut day for me since that's the day which I need to focus on final preparation for everything. Alhamdulillah, the siblings tak pernah kedekut menyumbang idea dan tenaga. Many thanks.

This is Kak Ngah. Orang Kuat for the ceremony.

The villagers, gotong royong in the making.

The villagers.

Kak Lang helped me with the hantaran.

Bunga pahar.

Bunga manggar & penunjuk arah.

Tangga yang banyak berjasa.

Kak Ngah & Abg Ngah. Credit utk mereka berdua. =)

Kekda, the one yang bersusah payah tlg siapkan bunga manggar dan penunjuk arah.

The bunga manggar. Ready.

Kekda also helped me to do the henna.

heyAwak: Will updates story and pictures on that very big day soon=) [heyAwak, heySayang]

heyAwak, heySayang - Intro

Alhamdulillah, telah selamat bergelar isteri kepada Mohd. Zaiman Noris Azman pada 12June 2010 yang lalu tepat jam 10.10pagi, dengan satu kali lafaz. Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih kepada semua yang berusaha keras bagi memastikan majlis berjalan lancar.

heyAwak: Many thanks!

A day before

Okay, just a quick updates on wedding preparation.

Henna. Done!
Pelamin. Done!
Room deco. Done!
Meja makan beradap. Almost done!
Door gift. Almost done!
Penunjuk arah. Done!
Hand bouquet. DONE!!!!! (En. Selangor beli kt KL)
Wedding outfit (Nikah n sanding). Done!

That's all I guess. Bakal pengantin ni takde buat keje sangat pon hari ni, tapi rasam macam busy sangat~

Ok, c ya tomorrow!

heyAwak: Dup dap dup dap!

Body spa

Alhamdulillah, I arrived home safely at 2pm yesterday. Finally I can give my 100% commitment on my wedding preparation.

Last nite my sisters, nieces and nephews helped me to pack the sweets in the candy bag. And my sister helped me to fold the praying mat n pack the kain pelekat for kumpulan tahtim and tukang-tukang masak. Oh, yes. We're not using catering service for ceremony on my side. Gotong-royong it is =)

For today's plan, InsyaAllah I'll go having body spa this evening. At the first place I planned to ask my neighbor to help me with that so-called mandi lulur. But makabah suggest me go to the nearest spa so that takdelah nanti makcik jiran I tu susah payah nak tonyoh and sental daki di badan yang dah menghuni selama 25 tahun ni.

I called the spa this morning asking about the price offered for a package for Raja Sehari. The price is reasonable la for this area, compared to KL. With RM190, they give me:

  • Sauna
  • Body scrub
  • Body mask
  • Mandi lulur
  • Body massage/facial

InsyaAllah, the siblings will help me with the henna tomorrow's nite. And FYI, I will just do the simple henna, the common one. Not the lukis-lukis one. Don't ask why =)

heyAwak: Hari ni baru rasa mood betul2 nak kahwin. Before this, tak rasa apa2 sangat lagi. Maybe sebab tak busy sangat dengan preparation kot since the siblings help me in many things =)

Hand Bouquet

It's Monday, June 7th, and 5 days to go to our big day. And I'm still looking for a hand bouquet to be used on the very big day. I went to Nilai looking for a florist after work today, but it's already move to new place, somewhere around Taman Melati, near to INTI College. So I shoot to Taman Melati since it's getting dark, unfortunately I didn't found any florist in that area.

Hmmm...Lets hope I manage to find a florist in my hometown tomorrow. I want a pink-purple fresh flowers hand bouquet for my wedding day, just like these:

Taken from here

Taken from here

Jom teka agak-agak Lun dapat tak bunga tangan idaman macam ni pada 12hb nanti? ;p

Hmm..what else to update?

Oh, yeah! Makcik-makcik di kampung will help me with mandi lulur and henna. I prefer the traditional way =). So no need to spend extra money for that. And I can use that extra money for our honeymoon later ;p

heyAwak: Tak sabar. Tak sabar. Tak sabar. Tak sabar. ;p


As you may know, the big day is just around the corner. We would love for you guys to be there at our ceremony, celebrating second episode of our life. As for this, we need your addresses in order to send the invites. To make things simple, just fill up this form and insyaAllah, the invites will be on its way.

To make things even simpler, here are the key points:-
Make yourself free on either of these dates (or both if you can) :-
  • 12 June 2010 - Felda Trolak Utara, Sungkai Perak
  • 26 June 2010 - Ampang, Selangor
See you in 7 weeks time!

heyAwak: Dag dig dug, di dalam dada. Jantung berdebar, hati berbunga amboiii~~

Bachelorette Party

I really had fun spending precious moment with my bestiest last two night. They planned a simple but memorable bachelorette party for me and the event took place at Green Box Karaoke, Sungei Wang Plaza. Nothing much to say. Let the pictures do the talking =)

Me and Ana at the registration counter.

Five of us in the karaoke room. Ana, Aqilah, Haizum, me and Aleen.

Karaoke time!

After the show ;p

That's me! With two hot guys!

Dearest friends, I really enjoyed the party! Many many many thanks. And thanks for the song of the night, "Selamat Pengantin Baru". Tell you what, from that moment, I started to feel nervous about getting married ;p

heyAwak: Everything is so close. This weekend will be my last weekend before I get that 'PUAN' title. I can't believe I'm getting married next week!