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12 june 201026 june 2010

heyAwak, heySayang - Solemnization

Alhamdulillah, dengan sekali lafaz telah bergelar isteri kepada Mohd. Zaiman Noris bin Azman tepat jam 10.10 pagi pada 12 Jun yang lepas.

As mentioned earlier in the previous post, we had majlis Khatam Quran on the July 12th morning at the house. So the solemnization event took place at Masjid Felda Trolak Utara at 10 in the morning.

I went sleep and woke up early on that very big day of mine. I went to final check up of pelamin, door gift and making sure my brother know where to put all the penunjuk arah so that it will be easier for the guests to find my house.

It was 8.15am, I was quite panic since my mak andam, Hasniza, didn't arrived yet. I kept sending her text messages to make sure she know how to find my place. Alhamdulillah, she arrived around 8.45am, together with another friend of mine, Tot. So the so-called make over process went smooth but in a bit rush.

Hasniza told me that she started to feel nervous a week earlier to make me up and when I asked her why, she said, "Sebab Lun cerewet." T__T

Mak andam ambil gambar untuk koleksi peribadi =)

FYI, Hasniza is my schoolmate in Pokok Sena Science School in Kedah. Currently she's struggling for her master degree in UTP and she is a part time mak andam. Feel free to visit her blog to see her works. Sangat murah, chantek, berbaloi-baloi, mekap sampai kita puas hati! =)

Arounf 945am, I went to the masjid. Kekna and Kekda went there earlier to welcome En. Selangor's family. I waited patiently in another room during the process of akad nikah.

Chantek tak~~~ ;p

Hasniza realized something went wrong with my make up but she didn't let me know. I just knew it when she came back with her make up set after 15minutes asking excuse from me to go to the toilet. No wonder lama sangat, dia balik rumah rupanya. You know me well, Has. Luckily you didn't alert me earlier about the make up, kalau tak, mau kalut Has nak melayan celoteh plus nervous pengantin.

Tok Kadi, Abah, the witness and En Selangor.

The siblings. Abang Din, Abang Nizam, Kekda, Kekna and Adik. Unfortunately, some of my siblings couldn't come because we had another event which is Khatam Quran in the house, including Mak T__T

Adik. Maybe next year will be his turn. Perhaps =))

This budak kecik comey lotey also there to support her Paksu-to-be for the akad nikah session ;p. Abang Nizam, Kak Rozie and Shifaa Rania.

Interview session between Tok Kadi and En. Selangor. Test sikit tengok doa qunut hapai dak?;p

First attempt. It was a trial actually.

This is the real one. Oh, yeah. That is Abah who's willing to perform the akad nikah himself. *Proud*Clap clap*

Alhamdulillah, sekali lafaz. 12 Jun 2010, tepat jam 1010 pagi.

Hey, suami! LOL!

Hey, isteri! ;p
Terus update Twitter status pasal konon-konon 2x lafaz akad sebab tak tau yang akad first tadi tu trial je.

En. Selangor's reciting the takliq.

Time for batalkan air sembahyang =)

Here we go =)

"Niat dalam hati nak jadi sumai yang soleh dan isteri yang solehah"
Syahdu sangat masa ni. Tengok balik gambar-gambar utk shot ni, semua muka Lun sedey tak boleh blah~

Penyerahan mas kahwin.

Sebentuk cincin hadiah ikhlas dari En Selangor

...dan seutas rantai.

Thanks dear friends for being there for me! Love you, guys! Mmmuah!
From left: Has the mak andam, Eyta, Aleen, Ana, me, Huda, Aminah, Nazifah and Tot.

With Kekda and Kekna in front of the masjid.
Note: Kekna was 7 months pregnant on that day. Alhamdulillah, hari ni dah selamat bersalin di Hospital Putrajaya. Baby girl! =)

En. Selangor's family.

These are some pics during our outdoor photo-shoot around the masjid after the akad nikah =). Time constraint, we only have around 20minutes for that since we need to get ready for reception. So here goes the pics =)

Percubaan Ana nak buat teaser. Nice try, Ana ;p

That's our Official Photographer, Taufiq.

...and his team-mate, Hanif.
We hired them as our Official Photographer for both majlis in Sungkai and Ampang.
Can't wait to see the album, yaw~

Newly-wedd =)

Husband and wife, finally. Alhamdulillah =)

heyAwak: Have been married for 1month, 1week and 3days. I love being married. It's wonderful I told you~ =)

heyAwak, heySayang - Marhaban & Majlis Khatam Quran

Sorry dearest blog for not updating lately. These newly wedd been busy with the new phase of life ;p

Okay, story time!

A nite before the big day which is on the June 11th, 2010, Abah invited his friends for Marhaban and berzanji session. The Marhaban started rite after Isyak while the berzanji part took place at around 11pm, after makan-makan. And nasi ayam is the menu for that night.

It was raining on that nite but Alhamdulillah everything went smooth. En. Selangor's family arrived in the middle of the Marhaban. That was the nite I called En. Selangor's mom 'makcik' for the last time ;p

Thing happened on that nite T__T But let me save the story for the next entry T______T

Okay, now come to the Khatam Quran part, which held in the June, 12th in the morning. I didn't have the opportunity to join this event because I was busy with a perfect make over by my Mak Andam, Hasniza, and I need to be ready for Solemnization at Masjid Felda Trolak Utara at 10 in the morning.

That's all for now. So many things to story but lets save for the next entry. (kalau nak karang lagi panjang, nanti post ni akan matain dalam draft je, so better publish now sebelum ade mulut2 yang cakap Lun buat janji palsu nak hapdet blog ;p)

Enjoy the piccas! (Macam banyak je, 5 ketul je pun ;p)

Abah. Waiting for the guests.

The guests.


Khatam Quran. Mak jadi cikgu duduk kat tepi nak betulkan bacaan.

Akmal, Arief, Amira and Sumaiyah.

heyAwak: Next entry - Solemnization!