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12 june 201026 june 2010

Bicara tentang cinta


Cinta bukanlah tatapan antara satu sama lain.

Tetapi memandang ke luar bersama ke arah yang sama.

heyAwak: Love is in the air.

heyAwak @BeritaMinggu

Updated: Thx to our friend, Harfizan for better picture. I believe taken from e-Browse eh?

Woot. woot! Spotted! Wakil pihak perempuan dan wakil rombongan merisik heyAwak di Berita Minggu, BMdua muka 19, 21 November 2010.

Full page view with article. There's a fine print saying 'Ini adalah gambar hiasan'.


Dari kiri: Abang Din, Paksu Abu, Abah, Paksu Tarmizi, Pakcik Musa, Pakcik Mail, Ayah dan turut kelihatan lengan Pak Long ;p.

Picture 671

And this is the original photo.

Teruja. Jakun pun ada. Al-maklumlah, kami ni bukanlah sesiapa. Jadi bila gambar tersebut TERkeluar akhbar, kecoh satu rumah dibuatnya. Walaupun bukan muka heyAwak yang keluar,tapi tempias-tempias teruja tu tetap ada. Ceewah~

Tapi agak kecewa tengok tajuk yang terpampang. Tu bukan mak tau, nyah~ T___T

heyAwak: hep! Tak baik tau gelakkan heyAwak yang tengah jakun ni. Layankan je lah. ;p

Hari Raya 2010

Raya this year is awesome! It’s our first raya as husband and wife. Last Eidul Fitri we agreed to celebrate our first raya at Ampang, without hair-pulling fight. =)


Us on the first day of Eidul Fitri, 2010.

On the second day of Eidul Fitri, we went back to Sungkai to celebrate raya and Mak’s birthday with my family. We spent 5 days in Sungkai and Bagan Serai. On the third day of Eidul Fitri, in-law’s family came to Sungkai to visit and celebrate raya with us. I’m glad that both families could get together and get to know each other better.


The families =)

After 5 days, we drove back to Ampang and went back to Segamat, En Selangor’s hometown.


We celebrate our second raya as husband and wife at Sungkai, last EidulAdha. Click here for more stories about our EidulAdha celebration.


Eidul Adha, 2010.

heyAwak: Hari-hari pun dapat duit raya dari En Selangor =)

Honeymoon - Langkawi

Alhamdulillah, a week after the reception ceremony at Ampang, we both went to Langkawi for our first honeymoon trip. As mentioned in the previous post, we booked our honeymoon tickets a few months before engagement. We went there for 5 days and 4 nights.


First morning at Pantai Teluk Chenang.

We stayed in Langkapuri Inn, located at Pantai Teluk Chenang. Our room was very close to the beach so we were lucky to hear the sound of wind and waves to put us to bed every night. =)


CIMG2232 Langkapuri Inn.

Again, we’re very lucky because one of our friend knows someone there to guide us. Many thanks to Zed for introducing us to Keifli, our tourist guide there. We arrived at the Langkawi airport around 5pm and Keifli was already there to pick us up. He took us to look around Langkawi first before sending us to the chalet.


Malibest Resort. They has lovely treetop chalets that makes this resort special compared to others.

On the second day, we went to a cable car ride that takes us up to Gunung Mat Cincang which offers spectacular view over the Langkawi Island. It is the major attraction of Langkawi Island. En selangor also took the opportunity to has his first Segway ride there.


Langkawi Cable Car.


Steel bridge, suspended across Mat Cincang Mountain and a neighboring mountain.


View from top of Mat Cincang Mountain.


Segway ride.


Kota Mahsuri. The mausoleum of a virtous maiden who curse the island of Langkawi.

We went to Makam Mahsuri on the third day in the morning and continued to our next activity which is island hopping. The trip took us around three different islands, Dayang Bunting Island, Beras Basah Island and Singa Besar Island.


Tasik Dayang Bunting.

On the 4th day, we went snorkeling at Pulau Payar. We waited at the resort for the bus to pick us up at 730 in the morning. It was the most tiring day because it’s a whole day activity. That was our first snorkeling experience so we’re extremely excited doing that activity.



Snorkeling at Pulau Payar.


Pulau Payar.

Our last day in Langkawi is our shopping day to buy souvenirs for families and friends at Idaman Suri and Haji Ismail Group. In the noon, we took a walk at Dataran Lang to see the most prominent landmark in Langkawi. On our way to airport, we had laksa power, the most popular laksa in Langkawi for the second time. It was superb! If you guys plan to go to Langkawi, you should try this. Must try! It is located near the Langkawi airport.


Dataran Lang.


Laksa Power. Betul-betul powerrr!

It was such a great journey we experience there. We love Langkawi, we love the activities, we love the people there and we love everything there.

heyAwak: We just back from our second honeymoon at Kuala Terengganu. Bali and Perth are in our waiting list. Next year, InsyaAllah =)

heyAwak, heySayang – Trivia

These are some of our critical yet funny memories of the ceremony.
  1. There had been a few cycles of dress changes up to 4 weeks prior! Glad we have an understanding families.
  2. We had our pre wedding photo shoots in Taman Tasik Perdana with besties. You know who you are.
  3. All our photography needs was done by Pixel Exposure. We found them thru LYN!
  4. We booked our honeymoon tickets a few months before engagement. The tickets fall just a week after Ampang reception. We don’t even know the dates. Talk about good timing, eh.
  5. No (tricky) question was asked by Imam due to his packed schedule. Saved by the bell.
  6. Akad was done by Abah himself. He was only told about that that morning. Imagine how nervous he was. That make two of us, Abah.
  7. We are officially wed by single lafaz. Rumors (tweets to be precise) had going around saying it was twice.
  8. Huda called her FIL 'pak cik' instead of ayah. She corrected it afterwards.
  9. We booked 2 banglos in Trolak Country Resort . Sponsored by Aunt Sabariah & family.
  10. There were total of 12 cars in Groom's convoy.
  11. Didn’t notice wrong set of bride dress was taken from Rumah Kebaya upon dress collection. Team Rumah Kebaya came all the to Sungkai just before midnight with the correct combo. That was close.
  12. Three shots of shotgun was fired upon the arrival of the groom's convoy. Everyone was shocked!
  13. Platform for Ampang reception was handcrafted by Ayah. He is that good.
  14. Deco for Bilik Pengantin was done by the groom himself. Kudos to him!
  15. The rest of the deco was done with collaboration between Mokteh and all of cousins & aunts.
  16. There were at least 1700 peoples attended the ceremony. Door gifts were only prepared for 1200.

These experiences, events, incidents and accidents are something that we gonna cherish for the rest of our life. Glad we can share it with you. Do tell us if our stories helps somewhere along in your journey.

Galore of pics & full scope here.

heyAwak: We had our share of tiredness, laughter, confusion & happiness throughout planning & executing the event. It bonded us and makes our love stronger.

heyAwak, heySayang – Appreciation (Part II)

Alhamdulillah. After performing my Subuh prayer, I'm really in the mood to update. So, here's the second and last part for appreciation. En Selangor and me want to thanks to all, who worked really hard in making our dream came true.


First and foremost, to in-law's family. Mama, Ayah, Iwan, Aan and Aim.

Thank for welcome me to be part of the family. Thanks for all help and kindness from the first day En Selangor introduced me to this family, before the reception, during the reception and until today. I really appreciate it. Now I know how it's feel to be part of this family =)


Untuk Nenek dan Atuk.

Terima kasih kerana sudi datang dari jauh untuk meraikan majlis Huda dan Aril. Nasihat dan kata-kata perangsang dari nenek dan atuk akan kami jadikan panduan dalam menjalani hari-hari mendatang.


Mak Long's family. Pak Long, Kak Long and husband, Ida, Hafiz, Baby and Dayah.

Terima kasih atas huluran pertolongan daripada sebelum majlis berlangsung sehinggalah selepas majlis selesai. Terima kasih atas kesudian kalian datang meraikan majlis kami.


Mak Ngah's family. Pak Ngah, Along, Angah and Baby.

Terima kasih Mak Ngah sekeluarga atas jasa baik dan pertolongan yang dihulurkan. Terima kasih Along, tolong hias pelamin. Terima kasih Angah, sudi jadi pengapit. Terima kasih semua =)


Mok Teh and family. Mokteh, Afiq, Aqil, Syamim, Sarah, Aween, Aiman dan Aleesya.

Terima kasih kerana banyak membantu dalam melancarkan majlis. Ucapan istimewa buat Mokteh yang sangat banyak membantu sepanjang majlis di Ampang. Terima kasih atas idea dan hiasan pelamin, meja makan beradap, pintu gerbang. Terima kasih atas kesudian Mokteh menjadi mak andam untuk pengantin =). Kalau berminat dengan hasil kerja beliau, kami boleh panjangkan request anda.


Pakcu, Makcu, Aisyah dan Sarah.

Terima kasih kerana sudi datang dan atas pertolongan yang dihulurkan dari segala segi =)


Buat Makcik, Pakcik dan Fiza.

Terima kasih atas pertolongan yang dihulurkan bagi memastikan persiapan dan majlis berjalan lancar. Terima kasih kerana sanggup sama-sama bersengkang mata berjaga lewat malam menyiapkan cenderamata untuk para tetamu. Terima kasih untuk semuanya.



Buat Tok Alang sekeluarga.

Terima kasih kerana sudi mengetuai majlis khatam Al-Quran pada hari majlis. Terima kasih kerana sudi datang dan terima kasih untuk pertolongan yang diberikan.




En Selangor's friend from Telekom Malaysia (TM). Zahrah's family.

Thanks for coming and many many thanks for the gift =)


En Selangor's Manager. Puan Salina and husband.

Thanks for coming and thanks for approving En Selangor's leave ;p


Thanks for coming, Abang Helmi and family.


Newly wedd jugak. Wanie and Hanafi. Thanks for coming. Any good news regarding 'orang ketiga', share share la eh ';p


GXM Team. Thanks for coming. y'all rock! =)


En Selangor's friends from Tangkak Matriculation College. Thank you =)

En Selangor's friends from Sekolah Taman Tasik.


Thanks Marini and Fawazul for coming.


Thanks SOKSEKians sekalian.


My old friend, Ana and husband. Many thanks =) Hope we can meet again.


Ofey and Firdaus. Thanks for coming, guys.


Syariiiiiiiiiii!!!!! and friend. Terima kasih la nooo, susah susah ja mai =) heheh


HeiTech-ian. Thanks you to Kak Saliza and Kak Huda for coming and for the gift =)


Aiz, Yam, Kak NED and Fatin. Many thanks, yaw~


Thank you Kakak Riri, Nanna and Zanin for coming and being happening =)




SAINArian sekalian. Thanks y'all. Thanks Pui secara tak langsung jadi extra photographer ;p


Wani, husband and Ali. Thank you =)

Anna dan suami. Waktu ni baby Damia tak keluar lagi.


Kawan laaaaaama tak jumpa. Thanks Alia and Im for coming =)

Thanks Ed and Am =). When's your turn? ;p


Ni pun kawan rapat, teman karaoke, teman buat kerja gila. Laaama jugak tak jumpe. Thanks Fannae! Sayang takde gambar proper. Tapi gambar ni pun drama jgk kan ;p


Hawa and Oni. Thanks =)


CS220-ian. Muahhh muahhh muahhhh for coming!!! =)))


Daus and friends.


My ex-students in KTT. Aida and Fami. Thanks guys for coming and for the gifts.

All I can say is, we're glad that all of our beloved families, relatives and friends were here and join us on our big and special day. Maaf jika ada nama dan gambar yang tertinggal, yang tidak berkesempatan untuk kami nyatakan di sini.

heyAwak: Sorry if we couldn't attend you, it was such a hectic day. Don't worry, we still love you =)