Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

heyAwak, heySayang – Trivia

These are some of our critical yet funny memories of the ceremony.
  1. There had been a few cycles of dress changes up to 4 weeks prior! Glad we have an understanding families.
  2. We had our pre wedding photo shoots in Taman Tasik Perdana with besties. You know who you are.
  3. All our photography needs was done by Pixel Exposure. We found them thru LYN!
  4. We booked our honeymoon tickets a few months before engagement. The tickets fall just a week after Ampang reception. We don’t even know the dates. Talk about good timing, eh.
  5. No (tricky) question was asked by Imam due to his packed schedule. Saved by the bell.
  6. Akad was done by Abah himself. He was only told about that that morning. Imagine how nervous he was. That make two of us, Abah.
  7. We are officially wed by single lafaz. Rumors (tweets to be precise) had going around saying it was twice.
  8. Huda called her FIL 'pak cik' instead of ayah. She corrected it afterwards.
  9. We booked 2 banglos in Trolak Country Resort . Sponsored by Aunt Sabariah & family.
  10. There were total of 12 cars in Groom's convoy.
  11. Didn’t notice wrong set of bride dress was taken from Rumah Kebaya upon dress collection. Team Rumah Kebaya came all the to Sungkai just before midnight with the correct combo. That was close.
  12. Three shots of shotgun was fired upon the arrival of the groom's convoy. Everyone was shocked!
  13. Platform for Ampang reception was handcrafted by Ayah. He is that good.
  14. Deco for Bilik Pengantin was done by the groom himself. Kudos to him!
  15. The rest of the deco was done with collaboration between Mokteh and all of cousins & aunts.
  16. There were at least 1700 peoples attended the ceremony. Door gifts were only prepared for 1200.

These experiences, events, incidents and accidents are something that we gonna cherish for the rest of our life. Glad we can share it with you. Do tell us if our stories helps somewhere along in your journey.

Galore of pics & full scope here.

heyAwak: We had our share of tiredness, laughter, confusion & happiness throughout planning & executing the event. It bonded us and makes our love stronger.