Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

For the little one inside

Dear baby,

How are you today? Mommy and Daddy hope you’re doing okay in Mommy’s tummy. Although Mommy can’t physically feel you yet, but Mommy know you’re in there, alive and kicking happily.

Do you know, baby? Since the early days of your existence, Mommy and Daddy pray for you to be safe. As it came to week 6 of having you in Mommy’s tummy, Mommy started to have a bad morning sickness but Daddy has always been besides Mommy. Mommy still remember how worried Daddy was when Mommy was hospitalized for the first time at Pantai Putri Hospital due to dehydration cause of excessive vomiting. Only Allah knows how much it drained Mommy’s energy. Mommy felt grateful to have a supporting husband like Daddy, especially whenever Mommy become too emotional and sensitive. And don’t worry, baby. Mommy know, he will be a good Daddy for you too =)

After having a long rest/holiday at Nenek and Atuk’s place in Sungkai, Mommy discovered that Mommy couldn’t stay close to Daddy. Don’t get us wrong, baby. That is what people call morning sickness and it is very common to a pregnant lady like Mommy. The moment Daddy decided to send Mommy to Cikna’s place in Sepang, Mommy couldn’t help but cried in Daddy’s arm. Mommy didn’t ready yet to face this pregnancy phase without Daddy by Mommy’s side. But Daddy never fails in taking a good care of Mommy even when we’re apart. Daddy will come to Sepang every weekend for a visit so that Mommy and Daddy could spent our quality time together. Sometimes Daddy bring Mommy to Oni and Atuk’s place in Ampang too.

Hmmm…actually, Mommy and Daddy are still having those same weekly routine since Mommy haven’t free from that so-called morning sickness yet. Mommy felt guilty to Daddy for this. To Oni and Atuk too. But that is all Mommy can do. =(

Okay, baby. Enough with the sad part. Now let Mommy share some interesting journey you, Mommy and Daddy had been together since you live peacefully in Mommy’s tummy.


This was us at Curtin University, Perth. Mommy, Daddy and of course you were there too, baby. In Mommy’s tummy. At that moment, Mommy was three months pregnant. We got the opportunity to meet the kangaroo, koala and also had a great new experience in apple picking there. Many thanks to Makteh for sponsoring the tickets and to Pak Ndak and Mak Ndak for the facilities provided when we were in Perth.


This was Mommy. 17th week pregnant. Daddy brought us to Cheecah Café, Dataran Sunway. Blame Jalan-jalan Cari Makan show for making Mommy craving for the food there ;p.


We had a roadtrip to Terengganu together with Daddy’s friends to attend two wedding invitations. Daddy managed to persuade his friends to go for this trip as he couldn’t say NO when Mommy said Mommy craving for kuah singgang from Restoran Kuah Singgang, Terengganu. We had a really, really great trip.

Lets together we say thank you to Daddy and friends, baby!
“THANK YOU!.” *together baby and Mommy*


This was Mommy and a friend in front of that Kuah Singgang restaurant. That was Mommy's first time there. Ooops, sorry baby. This is on Mommy and Daddy’s second honeymoon after Langkawi Island. And yes, you’re not in Mommy’s tummy yet ;p

Mommy thinks, that is all for now. But baby, it has been 21 weeks and 5 days since the first day Mommy have you inside and Mommy still patiently waiting for your 1st kick. When do you think you are you going to give Mommy that priceless kind of experience like other’s pregnant mommy? Sorry for asking, but Mommy just can’t wait to share that moment with others, especially with Daddy. =))

Dear baby,
Before Mommy end this, Mommy and Daddy just wanna let you know that we're glad to have you. Mommy and Daddy can't wait to hold you in our arms. Really hope to see you soon, baby. But Mommy and Daddy gonna have to wait patiently for another 4 months. In the mean time, be a good boy/girl =)

heyAwak: This Sunday is Mommy and Daddy's first wedding anniversary. Hope we can feel your first movement as our anniversary present. InsyaAllah.