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12 june 201026 june 2010

Hospital Bag

Assalamualaikum wbt fellow readers Smile

It’s really hard for me to believe how time has just been flying. Today I’m already 37weeks and 2days pregnant and about 19 more days to go to physically meet the little one inside. Great time really flies fast, aite? While drafting this entry, deep inside my heart, I know I will totally miss all the precious moments, all the ups and downs I had to face during this pregnancy phase. Sad smile

Okay, I started to feel a warm tear gonna drop down from my eyes, so let’s move to the main topic before it happens ;p

Actually, I already prepared my hospital bag in my 34 weeks of pregnancy. As this is my first time, I did visit other mommies' blog and asked from the experience people on preparing this hospital bag. There’s many different ideas for preparing the hospital bag. After all, I came with an conclusion that the checklist is very extensive, and I may not need all the items. So I just pack what I think would be essentials for my situation.

Here goes the list Smile

For Mommy:
  1. Large T-shirt (front-opening for breastfeed)
  2. Batik sarung, head cover
  3. Nursing bra, breast pads
  4. Disposable panties
  5. Maternity pads
  6. Towel, toiletries
  7. Going home cloth
  8. Pre-natal class notes, pen
  9. Surah Yassin
  10. Telekung
  11. Laundry bag

For baby:
  1. Clothes (3sets)
  2. Mittens, booties, bonnets
  3. Receiving blanket
  4. Towel, napkins
  5. Barut
  6. Diapers
  7. Nappy cream, baby oil, cologne

Although some people said it is very important to consider splitting Mommy’s and baby’s stuff into different bags, but in my case, I just pack all the stuff (Mommy’s and baby’s) in a single bag as this is just an emergency bag for delivery. And yes, we didn’t pack for Daddy’s stuff Smile

En Selangor and me decided to deliver our first baby at HUKM, which is not far away from our house and already booked the specialist there since my 5 months of pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, all the check ups with Prof Azurah, the O&G, went well. 

So dear friends, please pray everything gonna be okay and perfect during my first delivery later, okay? :) 

heyAwak: Dear baby, even Mommy and Daddy can't physically touch you yet, you already make our heart bigger. That's Mommy's and Daddy's litlle girl! (Ooops) ;p