Nurul Huda & Zaiman Noris

12 june 201026 june 2010

Nur Nawal Medina


Attention, people.

We are now a proud parents of a 17-days-old baby girl named Nur Nawal Medina binti Mohd Zaiman Noris. This bundle of joy was born at October 10th at UKM Specialist Center. Weighed at 2.4 kilograms, brought into this world via C-section. Alhamdulillah.

We also wanna thank all those who visit us, in HUKM, in Ampang and in Sungkai. Thank you for the wishes, for the presents and for the welcome.

This is only a tenth of what you people gave us. We are truly honor to have such a thoughtful friends & families.

Nur Nawal Medina & her mother are now in Sungkai. As of this morning, our lovely daughter is now weighed at 3.25 kilogram, exclusively breastfed. 

O hai there. *clicking tongue*
heyAwak: Having a kid truly changed your world. Your perspective. Your priorities. 

Labor Signs

This is going to be a swift update. 

There are 4 major signs of labor, and I believe the pain i'm having now is called Braxton-Hicks contractions. Currently the pain is 5 minutes apart. We mistaken this for true contractions too (as most first time parent). *keep calm*

According to mak, my belly still not dropping, which is the most obvious sign of labor. I'm in my week 40.

heyAwak: Is it time? Permudahkan lah urusan kami, Ya Allah. 

8 days to go


Dear baby,

Although Mommy and Daddy cannot hold you, or give you a hug, Mommy can feel you move inside me, and know that you are doing alright. Alhamdulillah.

Mommy just wanna let you know, Mommy enjoy every moment when you kicked so brave inside. The joy kept growing fonder, Mommy and Daddy couldn’t wait no longer to see your precious face.

heyAwak: Thank you, ALLAH. For this precious gift.


Hello everyone.

As off today, I'm less than two weeks from my EDD. In this stage, my gynea recommends that I walk a lot to help stimulate natural birth. So this was us 'walking' around town last weekend.


Fareini's reception at Ampang.

Wan Fatnin Jazmina's aqiqah feast


Soksekian's wedding at UKM. Dewan besar gilos


Last but not least, food. I actually heard quite a lot of this burger joint - Carl's Jr but never had a chance to try it (more like En Selangor kudukut). Last Sunday, we had a bite of this famous SuperStar. and it was a delicacy. 

To further continue this walking exercise, last night we went to KL Downtown. We went a tad early and most booths are preparing to open but I managed to grab a long skirt. Hew hew hew.

heyAwak: Do pray for us. InsyaAllah.