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12 june 201026 june 2010

Cinta Hati Pengarang Jantung

Assalamualaikum wbt.

First of all, sorry for the late update. I believe some of you already knew from the previous entry posted by En Selangor, but still I wanna excitedly inform that we're officially a Mommy and Daddy! Alhamdulillah :)

OMG! I don't know where to start, but still I wanna share with you guys about my first experience giving birth to my very first cute little girl.

I was due on 15th October, but I knew I wouldn't be on time. Instead, I asked En Selangor to bring me back to hometown on the 8th to meet makabah and my siblings a day before delivery. It was a happy and relief moments for me as I can see them and asked for a forgiveness.

The contraction started on the Saturday night actually. I don't know either I can called it as a contraction or not, but at that time, I felt like going to the toilet every single minute, but there was 'nothing'.

I went to bed and woke up at about 7am, without contractions. I had an energising breakfast and started to help mak did all the chores.

At around 530pm, we headed back to Ampang. This was the time I realized that I actually was having a real contractions. I stared at the clock in front, it were every fie minutes, each one lasting about 15seconds. It was like you'te having your period pain, and since I still manage to handle the pain I didn't tell En Selangor about it. Not wanting to let him worried all the way back to Ampang.

We reached Ampang at around 730pm. I only informed En Selangor it's about time just a several kilometres from home. At first, he decided to take me straight away to HUKM. But I refused. After perform my Maghrib and Isyak prayer and had a heavy dinner, I took the opportunity to recite the Quran before lastly I realized that I was having a bleeding/shows or mucus plug. That was the time we, En Selangor and me, decided to go to HUKM. It was 1100pm when we reached there, together with my PIL and BIL.

"Actually, you're four centimeters dilated already," the doctor in charge said with a smile.
"I'll contact and inform your O&G about this and we'll see what she's gonna do," he continued.

I didn't know how to describe the feeling when he said that my O&G, Prof Azurah, suggested to break my water first before sending me to the labour room, since the contraction was quite strong and I could give birth in three hours time.

I don't mind admitting that the few hours before the birth were the most traumatic from my point of view. And I admit it that I wasn't strong enough to hold the contraction, so I decided to go for an operation since I didn't take any injection or epidural before. Oh my, sekarang baru betul2 faham kenapa orang cakap syurga itu di telapak kaki ibu.

Tak mencabar langsung nak cerita pasal giving birth, tapi operation, kan? Huhuhu.

Okaylah, enough said, the operation went well and at 3.25am, we're officially a Mommy and Daddy to our cute little princess, Nur Nawal Medina binti Mohd Zaiman Noris [Facebook album link - if you're are within our networks].


heyAwak: I missed the feeling of my baby moving around in my belly.